Historical details.

A short History of Graham Jackson Photography
Graham Jackson L.M.P.A is Guernsey's longest established professional photographer.
After leaving College in 1960 he entered the family business 'The Camera Centre' in the Commercial Arcade, where he learned the darkroom and processing side of the business. He also began his training as a professional photographer, processing, and printing all his own work and developing a recognizable style. In the late 60's and early 70's he also expanded the Commercial side of his photography, when there was a lot of hotel brochure work necessary to support a thriving tourism industry. He also had a contract with a local professional theatre company, producing 10x8 Black & White publicity photographs the same day for their plays which were Changed weekly throughout the tourist season.
In the early 80's Graham decided to close his retail photographic shop to concentrate entirely on his professional photography.
Quick to see the advantages of digital photography Graham changed to digital five years ago and is solely responsible for all the post production work in his wedding and portrait work, happily taking on the change from 'Darkroom' to 'Computer' and learning all the new and intricate skills of 'Photoshop' necessary to maintain the quality and service he has become well known for. He is constantly upgrading his cameras and lenses to maintain the high quality of his work coupled with a faster turn around.
Graham also specializes in copying and restoring old, faded, cracked and torn original prints, scanning and printing from old transparencies, copying paintings and restoring old family photographs.
His studio is on the first floor of 27, Commercial Arcade, in the heart of St.Peter Port, in the same location as his family business founded by his Parents in the late 50's.